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Understanding Marijuana Hybrid Strains

There are two commonly used pure strains marijuana and several marijuana hybrid strains that are cultivated specifically for sale for either medical or recreational use. One of the pure strains is cannabis indica, the other is cannabis sativa and there is also a third, cannabis ruderalis. The third is not used commonly in hybrids, but it has a higher CBD or cannabidiol level and a lower THC level, and it is becoming more of interest for the treatment of specific health issues.

In addition, there are also an increasing number of marijuana hybrid strains that are very popular because of the benefits of both of the pure strains that are evident with use. This includes a combination of the body, mind and energy high associated with the sativa strain and the more relaxing, sleep inducing and euphoric experience of the indica strain.

Cultivating Hybrids
The marijuana hybrid strains are developed through the careful selection of the various indica and sativa strains and then choosing male and female plants and allowing them to cross-pollinate over several generations of plants.

This may result in what is known as a stable seed strain, which means that the seeds themselves will continue to grow and produce the specific characteristics generation after generation. This is the only way to create new, continuously propagating marijuana hybrid strains.

The other option is what are known as unstable marijuana hybrid strains. These seeds are produced from specific crosses, but they don’t always produce the same characteristics in the strain, leading to a lot of variations. These are not desirable, and top dispensaries will not sell marijuana that is from these unstable seed strains. There is no consistent quality, TCH and CBD levels, and flavors may vary widely as well from grower to grower or crop to crop.

It is also possible to clone plants, use cuttings, or even use root division techniques to continue to reproduce a very specific hybrid strain. These techniques are commonly used by the larger commercial growers to speed up creating unique stable seed marijuana hybrid strains with specifically desired characteristics.

Understanding Names And Strains
The best dispensaries will always provide information on the marijuana hybrid strains besides just the name. This will include the TCH and CBD levels, as well as information about the symptoms it is best suited to address. This can include pain relief, aiding with sleep, lowering anxiety and even boosting energy levels on both the physical and mental side.

By looking for a dispensary with a good selection of marijuana hybrid strains and informed staff that can help you find the right option for your needs, you will ensure you make the best choice.

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