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Types of Skylight Accessories

After you purchase a skylight, you may find other items to use with your skylight. There are poles, screens, locks and other items available to help you get the most out of your skylight. These skylight accessories allow you to use your skylight anytime you want without issues. Some offer convenience, while others add security.

Insect Screens
Opening a skylight can add ambiance to your home, but it can also open the door to insects. Having bugs and other pests in your home can be irritating when you have guests over for a meal or even when you simply want to relax. An insect screen keeps bugs out of your home without obstructing light. The screen can be rolled up as needed and hidden out of sight when not in use. Insect screens work on a variety of skylights and can be easily cleaned.

Security Locks
Security locks are a way to add additional security to prevent intruders from entering a home or business through the skylight. A steel safety lock is often all that is needed to prevent entrance to a building. The lock is easily fitted and when in use still provides adequate ventilation and sunlight. When using security locks as skylight accessories, there are some things to keep in mind. For example, building codes may not allow skylights to have locks on them if they are to be used as exits in emergency situations. In addition, skylights should be opened and closed by adults only, so never permit your child to play with security locks.

Skylight Poles
It can be difficult to open and close a manual skylight without a pole. There are many types of poles available and they come in a variety of lengths. Some are adjustable from 3-6 feet, while others extend to 10 feet in length. Poles allow you to open even the heaviest skylights with ease.

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