Two Common Tooth Problems Often Discovered By A Dentist In Spring

Regular visits to the dentist are essential for every member of your family. During a dental checkup, a Dentist In Spring will examine your teeth and gums for various dental issues. Below you’ll learn about two of the most common problems that a dentist finds during a routine examination.

Tooth Decay

Frequently called a cavity, tooth decay is a problem that affects both children and adults. Tooth decay is caused when bacteria in the mouth merges with foods that are eaten. If the sugars aren’t thoroughly cleaned off the teeth while brushing, the bacteria and sugars that mix together form a sticky substance on the teeth. Eventually, this substance becomes hard and forms plaque. Acids that are present in plaque causes minuscule holes to form in the enamel of the teeth. Next, the plaque makes it way into the inner portions of the teeth and a cavity forms. To keep the plaque from eating away at the rest of the tooth, a dentist will place a filling in the opening. Fillings are made out of a composite material that resembles the natural color of teeth.

Gum Disease

When plaque isn’t thoroughly cleaned from the teeth, it forms along the gums at the side of each tooth. When this plaque isn’t removed, it can cause an infection in the gums. If gum disease isn’t treated right away, it can turn into periodontal disease. This severe gum disease can eventually cause the teeth to become loose and a dentist will have to pull them out. To keep gum disease from developing into periodontal disease, patients will have to regularly visit a Dentist In Spring for a routine cleaning. During a cleaning at the dentist office, a dental hygienist will clean all the plaque and tartar from the teeth and from along the gums. By keeping the plaque cleaned off the teeth and by consistently brushing and flossing at home, gum disease can be prevented.

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