Top Three Considerations When Buying a New Mattress

There are hundreds of brands and styles of mattresses on the market; choosing the right mattress for you can be overwhelming. You may be considering a used mattress, however, many states have outlawed the sale of used mattresses. In addition, it’s always better to buy a new mattress, as you know exactly what you are getting, and the mattress will conform to your body. There are three major concerns you should address when you are selecting a new mattress Lancaster PA.


When you are shopping for a new mattress, you should check out how easy the mattress is to keep clean. It’s also important to find a mattress that has been pre-treated with a stain repellent. This will make your mattress last longer, so you’ll save on replacement costs as your mattress ages. Your mattress will also be more visually appealing if it’s kept clean and free of stains.


Comfort is the most important aspect you should consider when shopping for a new mattress. Each person is different, and as a result, everyone’s preferences for mattresses are different. If you share a mattress with someone else that prefers a different type of bed, see if you can get an adjustable mattress that can be tweaked on either side to fit both of your needs. If you have a king bed, you may wish to invest in twin mattresses so each of you can have what you want. Not having the right type of mattress can not only lead to a poor night of sleep, it can also lead to drowsiness and irritability during the day.


It’s also important to check out the warranty on the mattresses that you are considering. Some companies offer longer warranties with more coverage than others. It’s important to choose a mattress with a good warranty so you will be covered in the event that something goes wrong or the mattress needs replaced.

A new mattress is a big investment. As a result, this purchase should not be rushed into. Shop around and test drive lots of mattresses before you choose just one. Most mattress Lancaster PA dealers let you try out the display mattress models before you purchase your own set of mattresses.

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