Top Reasons For Dry Cleaning in Minneapolis MN

While there are many reasons one chooses to use a dry cleaner Minneapolis MN residents do so primarily for similar reasons. The most popular reason to visit a dry cleaner is for regular maintenance of clothing and accessories labeled ‘dry clean only’. Another popular reason to visit the dry cleaners is for household delicates such as comforters and quilts, pillows and curtains. Finally, many people take their leather and suede items to dry cleaners since both are damaged by water.

Dry Clean Only

Certain fabrics require dry cleaning because of their delicate nature or their inability to be cleaned with water. In those instances special solvents are used to clean the fabric with absolutely no water needed. Some people choose to have their delicates dry cleaned because even the most gentle setting on a residential washing machine combined with gentle laundry detergent can cause damage and fading. Professional dry cleaners not only use non-water solvents to clean, they also pay attention to detail and are able to remove stubborn stains with chemicals unavailable to the general public.

Household Fabrics

Most Minneapolis MN residents find themselves needing dry cleaning due to dingy curtains, stained or smelly pillows and spotted blankets at some point in their lives. While some people may choose to attempt to clean those household items themselves the result is usually less than desirable. Pillows and any other item with stuffing become lumpy if submerged in water. By not using water dry cleaners are able to avoid lumps. Many curtains have hardware attached to them making them impossible to throw in the washing machine. Also many curtains are made with fabrics that a washing machine would destroy.

Leather and Suede

Anyone with a pair of suede boots knows how water is the enemy. Even though leather and suede can last an exceptionally long time with proper care and maintenance they do need occasional cleaning. There are retail products aimed at consumers who own leather and suede products but they are not nearly as effective in cleaning as what a dry cleaner has at their disposal. It is recommended that leather and suede coats and jackets be dry cleaned once a year to remove spots and smells and shoes and other accessories as often as needed.

Most people take dry cleaning for granted. Without it, though, the preservation of many articles of clothing and household items would not be possible. Thanks to the chemical solvents used in the dry cleaning process water is not needed allowing delicate and water damageable fabrics to be freshened and cleaned. It may be tempting to use ‘at home’ dry cleaning kits but only professional dry cleaners have access to the chemicals required to adequately and properly clean these types of fabrics. Only by trusting one’s clothing and household fabrics to dry cleaning Minneapolis MN dwellers can see superb results every time.


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