To Repair Or Replace: That Is The Question

As with anything in your home, there comes a point in time when it is better to replace a garage door than it is to repair it—yet again. The average life span of a garage door is about 20 years with normal use. The life of the door, however, is really depends on how often it is opened and closed. It is normal to need repairs after 10,000 cycles or seven to ten years such as replacing springs or track rollers. If you consistently find yourself needing garage door repair in Newton, MA more often than that, however, you may want to consider purchasing a new garage door.

There have been tremendous improvements to garage doors over the past decade. They have better insulating properties, safety features and are quicker and quieter; not to mention more stylish. Even though a garage door looks amazing online, in a brochure or even in the showroom, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is built to last. It is important to purchase a quality built product so that you can avoid more garage door repair in Newton, MA. Following is a quick guide to help you find a garage door that can withstand the elements of nature and the use and abuse that they will be subjected to on a daily basis.

The insulation largely determines the quality of a garage door. Those with polyurethane insulation will provide almost twice the R-value than those with polystyrene insulation. A high quality garage door will also boast three layers of insulation compared to the single layer found in budget models. A well-insulated door will keep the temperature in your garage more consistent during the winter and summer months, reducing your heating and cooling costs in adjacent rooms.

Weather seals are also an important feature to look for. They will prevent wind, rain and snow from penetrating the door. Rubber seal gaskets are indicative of a higher quality door. Those made from vinyl are prone to splitting and cracking when exposed to freezing temperatures.

Other features that will prolong the life of a new garage door and prevent the need for garage door repair in Newton, MA include sealed ball bearing rollers, steel hinges, thick lift cables with loop protection and, of course, high quality springs. A galvanized steel spring will typically last for 12,000 cycles instead of the standard 10,000; a door that boasts two galvanized springs won’t need to be replaced for 30,000 cycles!

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