Tired of Crooked Teeth? Make a Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment in Weatherford, TX

People no longer have to be ashamed of their crooked, chipped or stained teeth. They can even have gaps corrected or holes left by missing teeth filled. If folks have any of these problems and want them fixed, they should make an appointment with a Cosmetic Dentistry Weatherford TX practice. The dentist will examine their mouth and then they can decide what issues need to be tackled.

Crooked teeth can be fixed in people of any age. Older patients may have hated their teeth since childhood. Poorer families might not have been able to afford braces. Today more people have dental insurance and they are deciding to finally have their teeth straightened. The Cosmetic Dentistry Weatherford TX practitioner can tell them if they are a candidate for the new invisible braces. These are usually appropriate more minor crowding issues. If the bite issues are more extreme then the patient may have to wear traditional braces with brackets and wires. With either treatment, the patient will develop a beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in a Cosmetic Dentistry Weatherford TX office. Often people try the at home kits and are disappointed. They don’t like having to spend at least 30 minutes twice a day for a week or two, before they see results. Some people get so frustrated that they try to do it more frequently. These products utilize powerful chemicals that can irritate the gums and mouth. Patients who try this strategy often end up in the dentist’s office for help. After they’ve healed, the dentist can safely perform a one-hour whitening treatment. Patients are pleased when their teeth have become much whiter, often up to eight shades, in this short amount of time.

Dental implants have revolutionized cosmetic dentistry. In just a few visits a dentist can insert an implant into a patient’s jaw bone and place a porcelain crown over it. The result is so realistic that most people won’t think it’s a fake tooth. Often people are afraid that a tooth extraction and implant will be painful procedures. They are quite pleased when they learn that modern anesthetics prevent almost all of the pain and discomfort.

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