Tips for Choosing Walkers in Ledyard CT

A walker can help a person stay mobile when they have become injured or ill. A walker can also help to stabilize a person’s motions so they are at less risk of falling. Since there are many different walkers available, it is important people take time in making a choice so they can be sure they will make the right choice for their mobility needs.
There are different options available for Walkers in Ledyard CT:

*     A basic walker has no wheels and offers stability for those who need added security when they are walking. These types of walkers come in extra strength for bariatric patients and smaller sizes for people who are average in size. These walkers are best for flat indoor surfaces. Some people place a tennis ball over the legs to make the walkers easier to glide across the floor.

*    A wheeled walker has wheels on the legs for easier mobility. Most wheeled walkers only have wheels on the back legs for safety. This ensures the walker does not move forward unless the person lifts the front legs to make a movement. These can help when there is uneven terrain.

*    Some walkers are equipped with rollers on all four legs. These walkers are called rollators. They often feature a seat for when a person needs to rest. They also offer a basket that allows people to carry their necessities or shop.

*    Canes are often used as an alternative to walkers when a person is able to remain mobile but needs some added stability. Canes come in many different styles and can help a person avoid placing too much pressure on their legs. This is especially useful when a person is passing through uneven terrain.

Those who are searching for walkers in Ledyard CT can find what they need by visiting . They have a wide variety of different models of walkers and canes and can help those who are suffering from mobility concerns. They will be happy to help those who are in need of walking support. Through their services, people can easily find the walker they need so they can stay mobile.

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