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Time to Call for Roofing Service in Greeley CO

Although you may have bought a newer home, you must factor in the original building date or the last date of a roof replacement to know when it is time to contact your local contractor with expertise in Roofing Greeley CO. Your local roofing professional can provide a consult and estimate the cost of repairs or a full replacement, if needed.

Do not ignore the signs of roof damage should they occur. The following signs should be not be ignored and a contractor should be telephoned immediately. At Total Remodel Contractor, we provide free estimates and specialize in Roofing service in Greeley CO.

Ceiling Stains

All alarms should sound off in your mind if you notice water stains on your ceiling. This can be observed by merely looking up and doing a quick inspection of your indoor ceiling. Water stains are a direct result of water entering above the ceiling either from the roof or a faulty pipe. If you do spot a water stain that is relatively small to medium size in length and width, do not get overwhelmed with the thought of a full roof replacement. You may need a small repair service to a leaky pipe, single area on the roof, or to the gutters. Your diligence and inspection will help catch problems early before they turn into larger, costlier repair jobs.

Visible Cluttered or Sagging Gutters

It is easy to overlook the importance of your gutters and the need to keep them maintained. Ask yourself if you want water draining away from your home or into your home. If you elect the former, then you must get your gutters cleaned at least annually. Gutters should be cleared of debris and properly attached to the home. If you live in close proximity to trees with leaves that overflow into your yard in the autumn season, you may require gutter cleaning more frequently. Do not ignore drooping gutters or large leaf deposits should you spot them driving from or to your home.

Visible Roof Damage

As you wave goodbye to the kids and drive off to work, take a look up and glance at your roof. Adding such a simple action to your daily routine will help ensure you notice visible roof damage that you can repair early on. Look for missing shingles or anything that looks out of place. Visit.

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