The Work of a Family Dentist in Lake Hiawatha

A Family Dentist is needed by adults and children who need consistent checkups. Only a dentist has the knowledge to recommend a medication or make a referral to a specialist. From a root canal to a gum graft, there is a dental procedure for every problem. Learn about the reasons why you need the regular services of a dependable Dentist in Lake Hiawatha.

A root canal is a common procedure that cleans out the root of an infected tooth. When a tooth gets infected, severe pain occurs. If the area is severely decayed, a root canal is used to clear out the infected parts. Then, the dentist fills the tooth to prevent further damage.

Gum disease is a common problem that affects you with or without your knowledge. The signs include swelling, weak gums, uncontrollable gum bleeding and mouth odor. Gaps and infections can form and worsen over time. Without treatment, your gums and teeth become permanently damaged. The right dentist looks into your mouth to find the visible and hidden signs of gum disease. Then, you are started on an effective treatment that must be continued at home.

Crowns, veneers and bridges are prostheses that a dentist uses to restore the look of teeth. These devices cover up damage that affects a tooth’s size, length and color. The dentist attaches the prosthesis onto the front surface of one or more teeth. With proper care, artificial teeth look natural and improve the health of your existing teeth. Anyone who wants an ideal smile should consider these options.

Emergency dental services are provided if you cannot wait long for dental treatment. Find an office where you walk in or schedule a same-day appointment. Use this service especially if you suffer from sudden dental trauma like a broken tooth or lost filling.

Most people take care of their oral needs through consistent care, but even that may not be enough. A regular checkup is needed to find hidden problems. There are many different ways that a dentist can help you and your family. Work with a family dentist to create custom plans for different needs.

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