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The Various Uses for Custom Padfolios

Promotional items are always good for business owners to have on hand to give out to current clients and potential clients, as well as employees. One of the most well respected promotional items is custom padfolios. Padfolios have a large number of benefits, including being able to keep business people organized, giving them the ability to always have something to write with and on and helping them look professional at all times. Most varieties have a space for a large pad of paper and slots for pens, a calculator and business cards, allowing anyone who uses one to stay organized. They make great giveaways to business or executive clients and also make perfect holiday gifts or incentives for employees throughout the year.


It is always nice to show your employees you appreciate the hard work they do for your company. Whether you choose to do this at holiday time or you have a program in place that recognizes employees each month, you can use the custom padfolios to reward them. They can be used to give to employees who reach their specific sales goals or company targets or just as a gift of gratitude. At holiday time, you can use the padfolios in combination with any other gifts you normally give to your employees. The benefit of giving padfolios is the organization and usefulness they offer to employees.


If you participate in business-to-business trade shows or have other opportunities to come face to face with other businesses that you would like to add to your client list, you can give away custom padfolios as an incentive to them. You can have them customized with your company name, logo, phone number or any other information you want to advertise. If you give them away to sales people or other executives who travel and will take their folder with them, you will benefit from an increased audience coming into contact with your information without you having to spend another dime.

If you are searching for the perfect promotional item or incentive for employees, thinking of something useful is always a good choice. While employees obviously love to receive bonuses, gift cards or any other incentives, providing them with useful custom padfolios allows them the benefit of staying organized while they work. Current or potential clients will love the usefulness of the padfolio, making them likely to use it while they are out and about, furthering your advertising dollar.

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