The Reasons You May Need a Retaliation Attorney

Most employees know the law protects them against any discrimination or harassment in the workplace. The extensive attention the media gives to sexual harassment or any other type of harassment in the workplace makes this apparent. What many employees do not know is they are also protected from retaliation should the need arise. In the event your employer retaliates against you for a claim you made against him, you are in need of a retaliation attorney.

Terms of Retaliation

There is not one specific way retaliation can occur; it can take on many aspects, including obvious actions, such as firing or assigning a demotion. It can also occur when an employer uses any type of negative action against employees, whether it is mental abuse or something physical, such as shifting job duties to something less pleasant or pays less money. It also includes any negative disciplinary actions that are a direct result of you filing a complaint against your employer.

How to Determine Retaliation

It is not always easy to determine if your employer is actually retaliating against you. The obvious actions, such as firing you immediately following a harassment charge you made, are easy to determine and are a definite reason to hire a retaliation attorney. Other not as obvious tactics might make it more difficult to determine if you are being retaliated against and should still be run past an attorney to determine if you are being retaliated against.

Talk It Out

If you suspect you are being retaliated against, talk to your human resources department about it. It would be easiest to go straight to your employer to inquire about the retaliation since he or she is the one performing it, but that might be too uncomfortable. Questioning a third party, such as human resources, allows you to get an inside view into what is actually occurring. It could be pure coincidence your duties were shifted or your hours were changed that has nothing to do with your claim against your employer. If human resources does not have a legitimate reason for your change in employment status, you should contact an attorney for help.

Workplace retaliation is something to take seriously. It is against the law for employers to take action against you for exercising your rights. It is against the law for employers to harass, violate or otherwise discriminate against employees. If you are in this position, you have the right to obtain a retaliation attorney to determine your rights and how they are violated.

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