The Purpose of Key Control Systems in Henderson, NV

Keys for traditional locks can be easily duplicated. People can go to a hardware store or locksmith and have copies made of almost any type of key. That is great when people want a spare key to the garage, house, or storage room. That is not very secure for businesses. Providing traditional keys to employees, suppliers, security personnel, or professionals who visit the business leaves it vulnerable. Those keys can be copied without permission, used after an employee has quit or been fired, and can be lost or stolen. Traditional locks provide very little control over who has access to the business property, files, and intellectual information. Key Control Systems in Henderson NV can provide business owners with more control over who enters the building, who has access to computers and files, and who can be authorized to enter restricted areas.

There are a variety of key control systems in Henderson NV that can be installed for businesses. Some are as simple as having a locked box that contains keys to certain areas. A master key is held for the box, and people have to sign keys in and out for specific doors. That places control over who has access to rooms and areas to one person. That can be the business owner, for example, or a shift supervisor, or the head of security on any given shift. It is a cost-effective method to have a degree of control over access. That system is only as effective as the procedures and documentation that dictate its use. If the person who has signed out a key leaves the building with it, for example, the key can be duplicated.

More effective key control systems will utilize keypads, card readers, or key fobs. Those types of keys can be programmed to allow entrance to specific areas. They can also be canceled or deactivated by the business owner, or security manager of the building. That will render a key fob useless in the hands of a terminated employee. If cards are lost of stolen, they can be deactivated to prevent anyone from using them to gain entry. Codes can be changed on a keypad at irregular intervals to increase security. Business owners can Visit ABC Locksmiths for more details on key control systems as well as safes and security cameras.

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