The purpose of a catalytic convertor

Mufflers & exhaust in Mount Vernon WA includes within the entire system a device called a catalytic convertor. A catalytic convertor is fitted to all cars; it is a device that is designed to reduce the harmful emissions from the internal combustion engines that are sent into free air from the vehicles tail pipe. A catalytic convertor has been a mandated piece of equipment on every car built in the US since 1975. Without one, the car will be taken from service.

The cocktail that comes out of a cars tail pipe is a nasty soup of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons. Prior to 1975 when these gases were allowed to enter into free air, they were the single biggest contributor to ground level ozone. Ground level ozone is that mix which is responsible for smog, damage to plant life and many respiratory problems, especially in the very young and very old. A catalytic convertor uses platinum, rhodium or palladium as the catalyst that creates a reaction with these noxious gases and converting them into less harmful gases.

When the devices were first developed in the 1960s and early 1970s, the development was against a mandate from the US-EPA that exhaust gases had to be reduced by 75% on all new model cars from 1975 onward. The original catalytic convertors met the mandate and over the years have been subject to constant improvement and are now very efficient in reducing pollutants from internal combustion engines. These improvements have been made at the request of the much more stringent “Clean Air Act.”

It is most unfortunate when catalytic convertors are used as part of a complete mufflers & exhaust system in Mount Vernon WA that they create a problem at the same time as they solve one. The catalytic convertor has been successful in combating ground level ozone but the tradeoff has been an increase in global warming. The catalytic convertor changes toxic gases in different gases and releases them into the atmosphere; these gases are the ones that are driving global warming. Carbon dioxide, along with the other gases released from the tailpipe is now getting denser in the atmosphere. Lethal carbon monoxide gets converted in harmless carbon dioxide which in turn is responsible for absorbing the infrared waves emitted by the sun and in the process contributing to global warming.

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