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The Proper Way to Travel with Syringes with Needles

Some medical conditions require patients to administer their own medications, sometimes through the use of injections. When this is the case, the patient must make sure he is fully prepared no matter where he goes, especially if his condition requires the medication to stay healthy. Knowing how to properly transport and use syringes with needles on the go will ensure a patient isn’t slowed down by his condition.

Transporting Needles

Transporting the needles can be a tricky thing, especially when security is so tight in many places to protect the safety of everyone. However, when you need to administer injections for your own wellbeing, you shouldn’t have many problems as long as you store them properly. Keep the needles in their sterile packaging in a place in your bag that is non-threatening. Be prepared to show them if asked. However, don’t allow anyone to make you take them out of the package because this will contaminate them for use.

Transporting Medication

You may also have trouble transporting medications, especially those that are liquid. In some cases, you may need to refrigerate the medication or keep it in a cooler. Make sure you talk to your doctor about the proper way to transport your medication so it remains safe to use. As you travel, you may also need to show the medication and prove you need it. Being prepared with a note from your doctor can be one of the best ways to avoid security issues.

Disposing of Needles

Disposing of your syringes with needles can be one of the most complicated aspects of traveling with this type of medication. You can’t simply throw the needles and the syringe in the trash can. Instead, it is often best to carry a hard-sided container in which to deposit your needles until you reach a place where you can safely dispose of them properly. These needles are considered medical waste and must be treated as thus.

Administering medical treatments using needles with syringes on the go can be a difficult process, especially with all the security measures taken during travel today. Airlines in particular can be extremely strict about what is allowed on the plane. However, if you take the time to learn to transport them properly and always carry a note from your doctor, your medical needs shouldn’t slow you down. You should be able to go about your life, just like everyone else.

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