The Perfect Pre School In Bethesda Gives Your Child The Edge They Need

Every child is a gifted child in some type of way, but there are those that have more potential to be higher learners than others. These are the children that demonstrate a strong motivation to learn. They have verbal precocity and start to ask a lot of why questions at a very early age. They are inquisitive and do not mind dismantling items just to see how they work. They may be easily frustrated due to the fact that they tend to be perfectionist with all of their work. They are the children that grasp abstract concepts, and new ideas. The teachers at Feynman School Bethesda can take these children and work closely with them to ensure that they build the skills needed for a lifetime of learning.

The application process for the Pre School Bethesda is open to children who will be 3 years old prior to September 1 of the year they are enrolling. The child will have to demonstrate a maturity and readiness to be enrolled into school. They should exhibit positive social skills, creativity and advanced academic skills. While an IQ test is not required of the Feynman School Bethesda preschool applicants, a WPPSI-III, WPPSI-IV, or WISC-IV is required prior to admission for all other applicants.

The Pre School Bethesda application and parent questionnaire is available to be downloaded. This will need to be reviewed and completed as the first step of the application process. If the child has been in school anywhere else, their academic records and a teacher recommendation form is also required to be submitted with their packet. Once these steps are completed, an application for financial aid can also be completed if applicable.

The final step will be a meeting with you, and your child. The admissions director and a teacher will be present at this meeting. Your child will be observed during this visit and the teacher will then submit a formal recommendation based on the observations of that meeting. Once everything has been completed, you will be notified if your child is accepted. A deposit is required to secure your child’s place in school. A solid foundation is required for a solid future; this can be found at this Pre School Bethesda.


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