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The Need for Safe Servicing in New York

A home safe is more than an investment in protecting valuables; it is an investment in itself! A home safe provides safety and security for the inanimate possessions you hold dearest and value the most: photographs, stocks, bonds, bullion, stamp and coin collections, life insurance policies, weapons, ammunition etc. The valuables people wish to protect are as numerous as are people themselves. The important thing to remember is that while your home safe was undoubtedly made to last (and older safes which you may have inherited are likely to be better made still), a safe’s moving parts need to be carefully maintained for it to perform optimally for the longest possible time. Many safes are so well made that with proper maintenance from Safe Servicing New York, they will likely out live you and may indeed, last virtually forever.

So what kind of maintenance does a safe need? What can you expect if you make an appointment for a locksmith to provide maintenance attention to your safe?

First, the locksmith will make a visual inspection of the safe. He will be looking for things like rust, and wear and tear to moving parts, such as hinges and joints. He will note any damage to the lever posts, handle arbors (shafts), hinge pins, etc. He will check to see if the dial ring is loose or sticking, and whether the numbers required to open the safe have begun to drift. The dial should move freely and the handle turn easily. All fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws, roll pins, etc.) will be inspected. The locksmith will lubricate all appropriate parts and will replace those that show wear. Mechanical locks will be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled. Electronic touch keypads can be installed to replace mechanical locks if desired.

How often should you have your safe serviced? If it has been through a moisture event, say, a flood, or became wet for any reason, it should be serviced. Otherwise, the frequency of safe servicing largely depends upon frequency of use. A safe that is only rarely opened can sometimes go many years without service so long as it’s in a dry, humidity free environment and is properly installed. One that is accessed daily, or many times a day should probably be serviced every year or two, on average. When in doubt, consult Safe Servicing New York for their recommendations and for answers to your safe maintenance questions.

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