The Many Uses of Closed Captioning Services

Also referred to as “accessible media” closed captioning services allow people who are hard of hearing to enjoy movies and television. It’s now required on all broadcasted programming, but it’s not just for those who can’t hear the TV. Closed captioning services can help your kids learn to read, teach your grandmother English or let you enjoy shows when you need to keep the house quiet.

Learning to Read with Closed Captioning

Whether or not your child learns to read “on time” has as much to do with maturity as it does exposure. Some kids just aren’t ready to settle down and pay attention to lessons. For kids who are too hyper for a traditional classroom, closed captioning services offer a world of promise.

Any teacher will tell you that fun learning is effective learning. Kids who can’t pay attention for more than a few seconds in class generally have no problem zoning out to the right show. With every broadcast requiring closed captioning services, it’s easy to find a show your child will enjoy. With DVDs, DVRs and online video services, every time your child sits down to watch TV can be turned into a read-along lesson.

Learning a Foreign Language

Similar to learning to read in English, closed captioning services can help teach viewers foreign languages. Setting your video and audio options to the appropriate selections, you can work on the foreign language writing and speaking skills in half hour spurts. Better yet, it can be used in place of a pricey language immersion program.

Keeping Things Quiet

New parents in particular know that sometimes you just have to turn the sound down. Closed captioning services allow anyone to enjoy a show, whether they can hear it or not. It also helps with those annoying shows with booming effects and whispering dialogue.

While closed captioning was created for the purpose of helping people with hearing problems, the benefits have far exceeded that goal. Take a chance and think outside the box. You can use them for learning all kinds of things, for staying busy when sounds need to stay low, and to fix problems with shows that use bad audio.


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