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The Importance of Using Methadone Detox Centers

It is a common known fact methadone helps heroin addicts detox from their drug addiction. Methadone, which is a synthetic opiate, is successful in mimicking the effects of heroin, decreasing the unpleasant and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms a heroin addict can experience. While methadone is a successful treatment, it is important to understand that to be successful; the treatment needs to take place in methadone detox centers.

The Importance of Methadone Detox Centers

Many heroin addicts mistakenly believe they can detoxify from heroin with the help of methadone on their own. This is not true and is when drug addicts then form an addiction to methadone. With the right center that specializes in methadone detox, heroin addicts can detoxify from their heroin use with the help of methadone in a controlled environment. This means only the required amount of methadone will be administered. This treatment will occur for the shortest time period possible, which gives the drug addict the least likelihood of becoming addicted to methadone as well.

The Benefit of Inpatient Treatment

Drug addicts who choose inpatient treatment to help with their heroin addiction through the use of methadone detox will benefit from the healing powers of the inpatient treatment. More than just a detox center, the inpatient treatment provides patients with ways to start their lives over without drugs. Patients experience intensive psychotherapy, life training and nutritional training. The treatment is done both individually and as group therapy to help everyone realize their goal of living a drug-free life.

Finding the Right Center

Searching for the right center to help with a heroin addiction through the use of methadone detox is important. Drug addicts or their loved ones need to determine that the center uses methadone simply as a short-term coping mechanism to get the heroin addict through the worst part of the withdrawal symptoms. Once the worst is over, a slow weaning from methadone should be done to help the addict then learn to live his new life drug-free.

The difference between choosing methadone detox centers that offer methadone detox as a short-term solution and clinics that simply use methadone as a solution to detox patients without any other training can be life altering. Choosing the right center that will not force another addiction on you will yield you the most successful results in starting a drug-free life.

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