The Importance of Planning Your Trade Show Exhibit

by | Mar 6, 2013 | Business

When you plan your trade show exhibit, you likely consider what your exhibit looks like, how you will transport everything to the event and what everything will cost. One component that should not be overlooked is the importance of planning the event. It takes more than setting up a successful display; you must prepare your staff for the event, as well as teach them how to react to the consumers and how to handle potential leads.

Prepare Staff Members

Anyone who will be attending the trade show needs to be well trained on how to interact with the consumers. The attendees of a show are much different than those who walk into your establishment. These attendees are looking for information and want to be enticed to come see your booth. It is the one chance you and your staff have to gain the undivided attention of consumers when they walk into your booth. Not taking advantage of this opportunity could result in sales that are lost to your competitors.

Make it Fun

While a trade show exhibit does need to have a professional appearance, this does not mean you cannot make it fun for attendees. Using fun gimmicks to get participants into your booth, such as games, trivia questions or giveaways, are a great way to entice them into your booth over your competitors. Make your booth look like fun and people will want to see what the excitement is about. Once you have their attention, you and your salespeople can work on closing the sale or at the least, gaining a new quality lead.

Constantly Change

Avoid bringing the same display to event after event. Eventually, you are going to start to run into the same consumers who will walk right past your booth because they already know what it is about. Keep it fresh and modern for each show and participants will come to you, even if they already know your product or service. When things look new, they will be afraid they are missing out on something.

Planning a trade show exhibit is what makes or breaks your participation in the event. If you simply put up a few banners and send some employees to work the crowd, you are not maximizing your full potential. Take the time to train employees on the difference of interacting with consumers at a trade show and in your store. This will allow you to maximize your attendance and increase the number of sales you close.

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