The Importance of Fall Protection For Your Workers

Fall protection is likely the most important piece of personal protective equipment you’ll provide to your employees. Harnesses save lives every day, and give millions of workers peace of mind so that they can concentrate on a job well done. Ensuring your company provides and maintains proper fall protection for your workers should be critical to your company’s operations.

It can be tough to get employees to wear their fall protection harness, as many people report finding some harnesses uncomfortable. Talk to your employees to learn their concerns and ensure you’re buying fall protection harnesses that provide comfort as well as protection. It is critical that you provide a comprehensive safety program, as well, that educates employees on the importance of fall protection and ensures they know how to properly use their harnesses and other personal protective equipment. It’s also important to ensure that fall protection harnesses are inspected by employees before each use, and by safety personnel on a regular basis. Damaged and worn harnesses must be replaced immediately and taken out of service.

In addition to the safety of your employees, it’s important to remember that fall protection is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for industries that do work at high levels. Be certain you know your company’s requirements under OSHA. Failure to follow these can mean big fines for your business.

Providing fall protection need not impede your business, nor does it have to bust your budget. Work with a reliable vendor who provides fall protection equipment that is durable. Even if costs a little more, you’ll save money over time by having to replace the harnesses less often. Your vendor may also be able to give you a better price if you order harnesses in quantity. This is one piece of equipment where you cannot afford to settle for second best.

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