The Importance of Experienced Legal Representation in a DUI Case

A DUI attorney is one of those things we all hope we will never be in need of, but there may come a day when one will come in handy. Being pulled over for driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, is a serious matter. What happens from that point can have major impacts on many areas of your life. It may also determine whether or not you spend any appreciable amount of time behind bars. Because this can be so vitally important, it is crucial that you contact a DUI Attorney Anacortes as soon as possible to assist you through this very stressful time.

DUI laws can get very complex and they are constantly changing, so you need legal representation from a group that specializes in this area of the law. Consequences of a DUI are many and can be very serious. You may be required to pay fees, fines, and court costs. These can easily escalate into the thousands of dollars. You may also lose your driving privileges. Jail time is a very real possibility, as is community service time. You could lose your job, have your credit rating affected, and see your insurance rates go through the roof.

Depending on your circumstance, an experienced DUI Attorney Anacortes may be able to minimize some of the negative effects of your arrest, up to and including getting the charges dropped and your record expunged, particularly if this is your first offense. The key is in proper legal representation. Many attorneys can offer you free consultation where they listen to your account of the facts and share with you what they see as the legal options and give you a better idea of what you will be up against. This is where experienced lawyers can really make a difference.

A DUI charge can have an effect on almost every aspect of your life and that is why it is so vitally important to put your legal defense in the hands of the most experienced attorneys possible; attorneys with a proven record in this contentious area of the law. Powers & Costeck would be a great place to start.


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