The different types of carpet cleaning

A carpet, whether it’s an area rug or wall to wall is an investment that you want to keep in good condition for a very long time. To keep it looking fresh, carpet cleaning in Lyden WA should be done periodically. Over and above the dirt and grime that accumulates in the carpet over time, the carpet can also be home to dust mites and other microscopic organisms, for this reason, cleaning twice a year is recommended.
The traffic in your home is one of the elements to consider when deciding which type of carpet cleaning in Lyden WA you should consider using. Another consideration is the family size and age and the number of pets in the house. You also must consider the material that your carpet is made from, is it wool or synthetic and how is it constructed? Answering these questions is not difficult but the type of cleaning that is employed is best decided by the carpet cleaning specialist. Carpet cleaning professionals in Washington have five different methods that they can employ to properly clean your carpet:


* Cleaning with foam

* Dry cleaning

* Bonnet cleaning

* Steam cleaning

Regardless of what cleaning method is finally employed, the first thing that must be done is to vacuum the carpets before commences.

Shampooing a carpet is not very effective. The carpets are subjected to a special detergent and then agitated with a cleaning machine. This shampoo is then collected with a vacuum. The detergents that are used leave the carpet looking clean and smelling good but these are superficial. The detergent uses brightening compounds which leaves the impression of cleanliness but the microbes and dirt stay in the carpet and reappear when the effect of the brightener wears off.

Dry cleaning is used when there is constant traffic in the area. The dirty area is covered with a powder which acts somewhat like a dirt magnet. The powder, along with the dirt is simply vacuumed up.
Steam cleaning is also called “hot water extraction.” Northwest Professional Services use this method of carpet cleaning is used by far the most effective way possible, the machine that is used for carpet cleaning in Lyden WA injects hot water and a cleaning solution into the carpet, the residue is instantly sucked up with the same machine, the carpets look and smell new.

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