The Dentists in Anne Arundel Can Cure Your Bad Breath Problems

Aside from missing teeth, one of the most embarrassing oral health conditions a person can experience is halitosis, most commonly referred to as bad breath. While many people experience bad breath simply because they do not perform their oral hygiene care practices as they should, there can be underlying health causes to blame. When a person has done all they can to control their bad breath, to no avail, they need to seek treatment from the Dentists in Anne Arundel.

It is important to note, bad breath can be a sign of liver problems so it behooves a person to seek medical care if the dentist cannot find a cause for their mouth odors. With a thorough examination, the dentist can determine what may be causing the bad breath so it can be properly treated.

Common causes of bad breath include:

• Cavities are often the cause of bad breath that will not respond to toothpaste, mouth rinse, or gum. When a cavity is present in a person’s mouth, the tooth tissue begins to rot which can cause odors. As the decay grows in severity or the number of teeth affected increase, it can cause a person to develop bad odors in their mouth. It can also cause them to have a foul taste. With cavity treatment, through a filling, these odors can be stopped.

• Infections in the teeth and gums can also cause mouth odors. When a person suffers from an abscess, they can develop putrid breath odors due to the buildup of a pus sack at the base of the root of their teeth. Since a tooth or gum infection can spread and can also affect a person’s overall health, it is crucial people seek treatment if their mouth odor worsens and they have tooth pain and a fever.

• Surprisingly, mouth odors can also be caused by dry mouth. When the mouth does not have enough saliva, bacteria can grow in great numbers and cause mouth odors to develop. Treatment involves special mouth rinses that help to lubricate the mouth.

Those who are experiencing the shame of having bad breath should contact the Dentists in Anne Arundel. For further information, Click Here and visit

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