The Cost of an Experienced Social Security Lawyer

Whether you are looking for an Experienced Social Security Lawyer or you’re looking for somebody who has just graduated from law school and has passed the bar exam for representation in a Social Security disability case, there is one thing that these attorneys have in common. That thing is how much the attorney will be paid for their services. While most attorneys can charge varying amounts of money for their services, a Social Security disability attorney is a bit different. In these instances, there is only so much money that this type of attorney can charge for their services.

Whether you’re consulting with a Social Security lawyer when filing initial paperwork for disability benefits or you’re consulting with a lawyer about a denial of benefits, you will first be required to sign an agreement that allows the Social Security Administration to pay for your attorney should your claim be accepted.

Another thing to remember is that all Social Security attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that unless they win your case, they aren’t paid for their services. For this reason, you’ll find that Social Security attorneys will work extremely hard in order to have their case be successful.

Lastly, the amount of money an Experienced Social Security Lawyer will get paid is already determined by the Social Security Administration. Should your claim be successful, and you are due past due benefits, the attorney will be entitled to 25% of these benefits. However, the Social Security Administration has capped that 25% at $6000. A Social Security lawyer can be paid no more than this for their services. In addition, they are barred from requesting any additional fees or payments from you as a client if you are actively involved in filing a Social Security benefit claim or disputing a claim that has been denied.

In instances where people are denied Social Security benefits, you are often talking about people with very limited financial resources. This is why much of the existing rules about how much a Social Security lawyer can be paid exists. It’s also the reason why organizations like The Law Center for Social Security Disability exist and why they will typically work diligently in order to ensure that your claim is accepted or that your appeal after a denial of benefits is overturned.

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