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The Benefits of Using Professional Asphalt Seal Coating for Providence RI Homes and Businesses

Whether you want to make your business parking lot more attractive, or want to spruce up your home, new pavement can make a dramatic difference. Safe, inviting driveways and parking lots dramatically improve curb appeal and increase property values. Repaving is an investment that should be done by professionals who know how to protect the finished surface. By using Asphalt Seal Coating Providence RI professionals can extend the life of surfaces, make them safer to use, and enhance their appearance.

Experienced, trained experts don’t just apply asphalt, they work with you to determine the effect you want and what products and processes will achieve your goals. Some of the ways they do this include:

PRIMERS: As your asphalt ages, the sun and weather cause it to oxidize. This makes it brittle and exposes the aggregate, which is part of its makeup. If new coatings are applied to surfaces in this condition, they may not bond because the surface is too porous, so professionals will apply a primer. This will penetrate down into exposed areas, creating a bond that sealants can later be applied to.

SEALANTS: Sun, gasoline, water, and jet fuel are some of the things that damage asphalt over time, causing it to deteriorate and turn a gray color. Unprotected pavement can become brittle, and then crack, and sustain water damage. By applying Asphalt Seal Coating Providence RI professionals can extend pavement life and help prevent unsafe cracks. It also creates a more attractive finish and a surface that is easy to clean. Typically coal tar sealers contain Silica Sand, which also creates a sturdy, skid-resistant surface.

MAINTENANCE: When they use professionals for Asphalt Seal Coating Providence RI customers also get experts who can maintain surfaces. They have the training, products, and equipment to complete repairs, eradicate lines in pavement, and repair spider webbing or alligator cracking. Technicians can fix sink holes, complete line striping, and painting.

Paving professionals at New England Sealcoating will evaluate each customer’s goals and design the primer, coating, and surface to match. They can install decorative surfaces and alter pavement for customer-specific needs. When using professional Asphalt Seal Coating Providence RI customers are offered a choice of options, in price ranges tailored for their budgets.


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