The benefits of a tonneau cover

A tonneau cover in Binghamton NY is a rigid structure that is designed to be installed on the open bed of a pick-up truck. The cover can be locked so it is a safe and secure area for cargo, the cover also keeps the bed free from leaves, debris and weather.

Some tonneau covers in New York require drilling during the installation; others are installed with various clamps. They come in a range of sizes, shapes, styles and prices. The simplest styles, which are also the least expensive, may provide no more than basic security and they may have to be taken off completely for access to the bed of the truck.

More sophisticated tonneau covers are hinged behind the cab and raise up, similar to the hood over the truck engine. This system is superior as it allows access to the bed without removing the cover and it allows for long loads to be carried over a tailgate which is closed. There is a tonneau cover in Binghamton NY that rises in four different ways; back, front and both sides. This offers maximum convenience for access. They are also manufactured as sectional units using two or four panels which can be removed independently.

Most tonneaus are weather resistant, keeping the bed of the truck dry. This helps to stop rust and lengthen the life of the bed. A simple non-spray on bed cover allows water to enter and sit under the cover, this leads to rapid deterioration of the bed floor. As some tonneau covers have an aerodynamic shape, they can improve the gas mileage through less drag.

As well as providing security and aid in longevity, fiberglass covers can be painted to match the color of the truck.

Tonneau covers are made in different manners, some are made from fiberglass and can be quite heavy; others are one piece hard shell and are significantly lighter. For a given size the weight differential can be as much as 100 pounds. Many of the lighter covers can be easily removed by one person and hung from hardware on the wall when not in use. The tonneau may not be required if your pick-up truck also is used with a slide in camper, a fifth wheel or camper shell.

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