The Basic Rules of Flying Car Flags 2014-1-4 15 3 25These days, it is not uncommon to see cars driving by sporting small flags. They are promoting a business or, more likely, showing their support for their favorite sport team. Be it football, baseball or even hockey, people can purchase car flags to show their enthusiasm for their favorites. Whether you get your car flag from a custom flag maker or purchase it in bulk from a flag manufacturer, you should be aware there are certain rules regarding the use of car flags.

Flying High

Car flags are highly visible. They are also mobile. When handled correctly, car flags can be the ideal accessory. They show your devotion to a particular team. They reveal how you feel about a certain politician. They can also indicate your support of a specific company. Yet, it is possible to overdo it. You can be an irresponsible car flag flyer.

Car Flags: Some Basic Rules to Fly by

When it comes to flying car flags, you need to consider you are not alone in this world. Other people are forced to view your vehicle. They will be happier if you conform to at least a few of these car flag rules.

  1. Remember everything has a season. Do not sport team car flags when their season is over. Sure, you can replace them with the next sporting team but do kindly take down the team flag. This may also be appropriate if the team fails to make the play-offs.

  2. Never overdo it. It is annoying and distracting to see a car flying more than a single flag. While it says much for your enthusiasm, it fails to get any positive message across about who you support. In fact, the message may get lost in the medium.

  3. Try to show some taste or class when you decide on your flags. Sure there are some car flags available with cute messages. Do you really want everyone to see them? Remember, you are not the only person who will use this car. Maybe someone will never drive it but you do have passengers occasionally, right?

  4. If you must fly your car flag with irregularity all season, make sure it is in good shape. Even the sturdiest of car flags can become torn and worn. When this happens, replace it with a new one. Make sure it comes from someone who is known for quality custom outdoor flags.

Flying car flags is a good way to advertise a product, a company or your love for a specific sports team. Yet, when it comes to the product and the display of it, be sure you follow the above simple rules. It will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved, even those who only view it as you drive by.

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