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The Advantages of Using a Small Pet Vet in Cedar Rapids IA

To many people, the health of a pet is just as important as family member’s. These individuals often feel that they receive better care from a small family practice over a large medical center. This same belief carries over to their choice of veterinarian. Many small veterinarian clinics have proven that they can offer a more intimate experience while still providing the same state-of-the-art care as a large animal hospital. Examples of these facilities include any small pet vet Cedar Rapids clinic that offer traditional pet care while still keeping abreast of the cutting edge medicine in use by larger facilities.

There are many small, independently owned veterinarian clinics existing today that also function as full service animal hospitals. With the correct education, experience, and finances these clinics have upgraded their services to include nutritional instruction, grooming, cosmetic procedures, and complex surgical operations. The clinics often host in-house animal pharmacies, offer different lines of top brand pet foods, and provide extended boarding. Some of these veterinarians also offer holistic treatment, making it possible for clients to experience a different style of medicine. This gives the clients a healing option that would not be provided by a large animal hospital. On top of all this, many of these clinics offer 24 hour emergency service. A call to the emergency number will provide veterinarian care within minutes.

By visiting one of these clinics a potential client will get a true sense of everything available to their pet. From a simple claw clipping to a deep cleaning of the ear canals, the range of cosmetic procedures is very wide. If a pet is sick and needs immediate care, these clinics are equipped to perform emergency operations, exploratory surgery, make use of X-ray technology in their in-house lab, and offer top quality medication. For less serious ailments there is the availability of heart worm and Lyme disease testing, physical therapy for the back and joints, and allergy testing. In addition to this, most of these clinics are readily able to perform any spay, neuter, or declawing procedures that are quite common and often legally required for adopted pets.

The capabilities of a small pet vet Cedar Rapids can often surpass the services of a larger medical facility. Visiting one of these clinics and discovering everything they have to offer might just change the way a pet is cared for.


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