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Tarts in Chicago

Have you ever gone into a Tarts Bakery In Chicago and among all of the succulent aromas, wondered what the difference is between a tart and a torte? Believe it or not there is a difference, although most Tarts Chicago bakeries carry both tarts and tortes for their customers eating pleasures. Below are some of the differences between tortes and tarts. Both are absolutely delicious but they are different.

A torte is actually a thick cake layer made with eggs, nuts, and chocolate. When done the entire cake is covered by frosting and it’s very sweet and very edible. A tart on the other hand is a flaky pastry that is filled with fruit or some type of custard. Tarts to can be savory and can even come with an onion or cheese base.

Tarts have a crust that is on the bottoms and up the sides of the filling. The crust is normally made of crushed graham crackers, pastry dough, or puffed pastry. A torte on the other hand doesn’t have a crust but is made up of many layers that are frosted and have different things in between the layers. Tarts may not have any filling but fruit, or there could be a filling on top of the fruit that is in the crust. Tarts are usually a two bite desert, as they are quite small, but have a delightful taste. Tortes on the other hand have a filling between each and every layer, and can be filled with everything from fruit to frosting. These are sweet and can feed more than one person at a time; they also have frosting on top, and the sides of the tort for that extra bit of deliciousness.

Tarts don’t have layers but tortes do. Tarts have a crust that comes up along the sides of whatever filling you choose to put in them. Tortes can be layer cakes or just one layer. There is a difference between a torte and a tart; the only similarity when picking them up at your Tarts Chicago bakery, is that they are both delicious.

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