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Subsea Deployment Systems and Their Benefits

Operating any type of machinery or launching a construction project underwater and even in rough subsea conditions can be a difficult task. However, with subsea deployment systems the job of moving heavy equipment and constructing subsea facilities is made easier.

What are Subsea Deployment Systems?

Typically, the deployment of subsea machinery requires the use of heavy lift vessels and equipment. However, the subsea deployment systems method installs large machinery and structures without the use of the heavy lift vessels.

In the big picture, the use of these systems can save companies around 66% on structure installations for multiple structures and around 80% on installation of single structures.

Benefits of a Subsea Deployment System

Subsea deployment systems are extremely beneficial when it comes to installing heavy equipment and construction materials in deeper waters. The subsea deployment method of deployment can also enter into environmentally hostile environments where heavy lift vessels cannot go. Other benefits include:

Low tech requirements

Can operate despite heavy seas or even icy conditions
More available than the heavy lift vessels
Requires fewer structures, tie-ins and interfaces
Creates a potential for less down time and maintenance repairs
Can reduce overall operational costs

In addition, by using these subsea deployment systems, structures can be recovered and withdrawn from the ocean without having to lift them to the deck of a waiting vessel.

As for storage, the system can be parked at sites for long periods of time. Minimal dynamic loading is required.

Where to Rent Subsea Deployment Equipment

As the demand for larger structures in deeper waters grows, so does the demand for subsea deployment systems. Subsea engineering and manufacturing plants can provide the equipment to companies such as those in the oil and gas industry.

In addition, subsea technology firms also carry these deployment systems. These systems are typically made available for rent to be used on short term or long term projects. Rentals often come with expert installation, demonstration, and onsite maintenance or repair services if required. Contact a local subsea tech firm or engineering firm for more information regarding the installation and use of subsea deployment equipment.

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