Study For A Rewarding Career In Pharmacovigilance

Have you ever been watching television and at the end of a pharmaceutical advertisement been struck by just how many side effects the drug has? Have you ever wondered who does the testing or what it takes for a pharmaceutical to be approved for sale? Pharmacovigilance is the scientific research involved in testing, documenting and ultimately lowering the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Plainly, pharmacovigilance plays a large role in drug safety. Collecting conclusive evidence, verifying facts, investigating reports, documenting the findings and helping to make medical treatments available on the market safer for humans to use is the role of pharmacovigilance researchers.

Pharmacovigilance In Other Countries

Like a lot of industries, pharmaceutical production is being moved to developing countries overseas. Research and development for biotech companies are employing researchers in countries such as China, Russia, Brazil and India. Due to the lower costs of operations and the number of employable workers and compliance to international regulations, pharma biotech companies will continue to employ workers from these countries that have the formal training in pharmacovigilance.

Jobs In Pharmacovigilance

There are a number of areas of study and skillsets that can be combined so that you can play a vital role in pharmacovigilance. All of which can be studied through the pharmacovigilance courses at James Lind Institute. James Lind Institute, a global training and education provider, is an accredited institute in areas such as clinical research, pharmacovigilance, medical writing and healthcare. With a presence in areas such as Africa, the Middle East, Singapore, India and Canada, it’s training and education reach is global.

Pharmacovigilance Courses At James Lind Institute

Studying pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs will prepare you to be part of the all-important success and efficiency of product development and help to determine and document a drug’s side effects through testing.

Pharmacovigilance and medical writing combines the skills of a pharmacovigilance regulator with that of a medical writer to properly understand research findings and then communicate these findings in medical articles and journals.

Pharmacovigilance and quality assurance is an area in which researchers identify, assess and manage reports of harmful affects of a new pharmaceutical. This role and area of study plays a large role in preparing the drug to go to market.

Pharmacovigilance and data management is an all-inclusive study of pharmacovigilance. In this course, you will familiarize yourself with implementing clinical data with the Oracle data software. Experience with data entry on Oracle software is a highly sought after skillset in this industry.

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