State College Website: More Than Just Used Cars

For many, the college experience means much more than simply receiving a higher education: it means acquiring their first taste of freedom. It creates an entirely new world for a number of students, entailing the beginning of their acquaintance with living own their own, learning to survive on a budget and paying bills without the assistance of mom and dad.

This is also the point at which owning a vehicle can make an immeasurable difference in their lives. For most students, though, a new car far exceeds their financial means. State College used cars can offer several benefits for those in such a situation.

1) Used vehicles are far less expensive than new vehicles. Even a late model pre-owned vehicle can provide a savings of at least 20 percent over a new one. In most cases, a lower over all purchase price also means a smaller down payment, lower monthly installments and a shorter amount of time before the vehicle is paid off.

2) For college-age students, monthly insurance payments can be difficult to cover. These rates are often higher on a new vehicle, which would require full coverage insurance. Liability insurance is usually adequate for a pre-owned vehicle, saving the policy holder hundreds of dollars each year. While savings of this magnitude are helpful for anyone, they can be especially important on a student budget.

3) Some dealerships offer more finance options for used vehicles, including first time buyer financing. This is extremely beneficial for young adults who are trying to establish a line of credit. Such options may not be as readily available when looking to purchase a new vehicle.

Aside from the well known depreciation factor, these are among the top advantages of purchasing a used vehicle. The State College Used cars website provides information about a number of dealerships with an extensive inventory of used vehicles; in addition, they provide links to many other important elements of college life. These include restaurants, social events, entertainment, local employment opportunities, housing and much more.

Whether searching for an apartment near campus, a part time job in the area, a place for a weekend social gathering or a pre-owned domestic or foreign vehicle, the State College website can help.


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