Special Days That Are Perfect For Giving A Diamond Necklace

Giving the gift of a diamond is a very memorable event and one that can be used to link a particular special day in memory. While birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are the most common times for giving a diamond necklace, there are many other special events where this is the perfect gift.

Remember, a special event doesn’t have to be special for everyone, it can be a special day for an individual, a couple or even for a family. Choosing the right diamond necklace for the special event just adds to the excitement and ensures the gift is going to be a hit.


Giving a necklace, particularly with a diamond, is a wonderful way to signify the hard work and the effort involved in the achievement. This is true for high school, college or university graduation, and styles range from solitaire types of designs to truly spectacular and orange types of chains with diamond pendants.

Another very common combination for these elegant types of occasions is a diamond and pearl necklace. Traditional and classic, new designs also offer a contemporary look.


A beautiful necklace with a diamond pendant or even diamonds in the design of the necklace is a perfect way to celebrate a promotion. Necklaces featuring diamonds with other precious or semi-precious stones are always appreciated and come in a wide range of styles to suit any taste.

New Moms

Having a baby is a very exciting time of life, and a lot of attention is going to be focused on the new addition to the family. Giving the new Mom a beautiful diamond necklace to commemorate the birth of a son or daughter is a wonderful tradition to start with a family.

A necklace that features a diamond pavé heart is a perfect way to capture the love in the family at this very special time. Pearls or other gemstones and diamonds to capture the month of the birth of the baby are a gift that is sure to be treasured.

For those women in your life that deserve a special gift as a thank you and I love you or a just because gift, it is hard to match the options and the beauty of a necklace. Adding diamonds just gives an additional level of care, love and appreciation that is not possible with any other type of gift.

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