Solve the Family’s Florida Vacation Dilemma with Destin Pontoon Boat Rentals

When a family contains a wide range of ages, it can be challenging to coordinate a fun, Florida beach vacation that brings everyone together. Picture this: Grandpa and Dad go out on a fishing boat, while Mom and Grandma play on the beach with the little ones, and the teens swim or sunbathe. If this is a familiar scenario, Destin Pontoon Boat Rentals could be the perfect answer to your vacation dilemma. By renting a pontoon boat, you can get the family to spend quality time together on vacation, without making anybody give up his favorite activities.

What exactly is a pontoon boat? The pontoon boat gets its name from the pontoons, or round tubes, that comprise its hull. A pontoon boat also features a large, flat deck. Imagine a boat shaped rather like a rectangle with rounded corners. Now add a deck and multiple seats. This gives you the general idea of what a pontoon boat looks like. Destin Pontoon Boat Rentals are 24 feet long and seat up to 12 people, with quiet four-stroke motors. Each one has life jackets for all passengers. A bimini top provides protection from the sun. However, the bimini top does not cover the entire boat, so catching some rays is also an option. There is a ladder so you can climb out for a swim.

What are some activities that everyone in the family can enjoy on an Xtreme H2o pontoon boat? There is enough space for a sunbather to recline and just relax. You can catch all the most delicious types of fish: drum, flounder, grouper and speckled trout. You might even catch a shark. Climb down the ladder and go swimming or snorkeling, where you can see dolphins and all sorts of tropical fish. Those who wish to stay on deck can do some bird-watching. There are herons, egrets, osprey, and more. Bring a cooler, and everyone can share a picnic lunch. If you visit Destin in June, July, or August, there are fireworks every Thursday night for the perfect end to the day.

There are many other things you can do with a pontoon boat. Stop and search the shore for Indian artifacts. Cruise the harbor and canals to visit waterfront restaurants and view local homes. There are fun activities for every member of the family on a pontoon boat.

Pontoon boats are popularly known as the party boats. Pontoon boats is reason why Destin is so popular, as you can even spend days on it and can relax with your family & friends. Visit to rent a pontoon boat.

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