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Solar heaters, what are they?

There are several different types of solar heaters in Dayton OH; the common denominator is that they are all powered by the sun. There are some solar heaters that are dedicated to heating a specific room, others that are used to heat the entire house. Some homeowners use solar heaters for heating their swimming pool and others heat the water needed in the bathroom and kitchen. There are various ways in which solar heat can be employed, they are different but they are all based on a single simple concept; collect, store and then use the energy from the sun. This not only conserves valuable resources, it will save money as well once the system installation has been amortized.

Solar heaters in Dayton OH are of two types; active and passive. An active solar system uses fans or pumps to move the air or liquid which was heated by the sun. A passive system is one which requires no other component, either electrical or mechanical to distribute the heat. A passive system cannot work everywhere; the house must be designed specifically for the passive systems installation so that the heated medium can get to where it is required with any assistance.

A very common solar heater is the space heater. To collect the energy that is required to heat the liquid in the space heater, a solar panel is employed. The solar panel collects the energy from the sun; this energy is either used immediately or stored for future use. As the sun is not out at night and on many days it is obscured by clouds it is important that a reserve of energy be stored. The usually storage device is a deep cycle battery or perhaps even a bank of batteries depending on the effective size of the solar system.

Individual rooms are best served with solar space heaters, heating just the rooms where heat is required. Although central solar heating is often employed it can be less efficient due to the waste of heat. Central systems use air or liquid to transfer the heat, the heat itself usually emanates from base board radiators. In the event solar power is simply not available due to climatic conditions, homes that heat using solar power must have a back-up source, often a boiler.

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