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Slip on a Wet Floor? Hire a Premises Liability Lawyer in Surprise, AZ

When a person is injured while shopping in a store, the store owner may be liable for the cost of treatment and lost income. The injured person should contact a premises liability lawyer in Surprise, AZ to preserve his rights as soon as he can. Store owners are required to ensure that their customers can safely shop. If they are aware of wet spots on the floor, they have to dry it quickly or put up warning signs. They must also put management practices into place to ensure that they are aware of any dangerous conditions. If an employee knew of a condition and did nothing, the owner is still liable.

Hiring a premises liability lawyer in Surprise, AZ helps preserve as much evidence as possible. If the injured person or a friend is able to take photographs of the area as soon as the accident occurs, this will show the conditions that created the accident. If the issue was a wet floor, the photograph can show the liquid on the floor and that there was no warning sign. They should also be aware of anyone who saw the accident. Getting their names and phone numbers will ensure that someone is able to corroborate their testimony. Memories fade quickly, so the attorneys will want to speak with these witnesses promptly. Many businesses also have security cameras. Without a court order, the business owner may erase the video of the accident.

Injuries can take a long time to heal. A year might pass without the person realizing it. Injured people who want to file a damages claim have to meet deadlines. If they fail to do this, they can lose their right to be reimbursed for medical expenses and lost wages. A lawyer will know the statue of limitations for filing a premises liability claim. He will prepare the claim while the injured person continues to work on their recovery. He will also know when the insurance company makes a fair settlement offer. While it is always his client’s right to accept any offer, he will know what others with similar injuries have received.

The Garrison Law Firm is one of the Surprise legal practices that represents clients in premises liability cases. They will meet with a person to review their case. There is no charge for this assessment.


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