Simplify Your Turf with Synthetic Turf Installation

Synthetic turf installation is a great alternative to natural grass. The many benefits include the lack of maintenance and the consistent beauty you will receive from synthetic grass over any other type of surface for your sports playing needs. Whether you need to resurface a golf course, soccer field or a playing field in your own backyard, synthetic turf is a great choice. Synthetic grass is the only surface that can withstand harsh weather and heavy use and never look old. You will not have to perform hours of maintenance or repair after each use and can enjoy its beauty and safety for many years to come.

There are a wide variety of synthetic surfaces to choose from. The type you choose will depend on what you use it for. The most common synthetic turf installation is concrete and synthetic grass. This surface is easy to install just about anywhere, regardless of size and ability to get to the area to install the grass. The next most common type is asphalt with synthetic grass, although this type is limited to areas that can readily be accessed with the large tools that are required to lay asphalt. This type is typically reserved for larger areas that require a softer playing surface.

If you have a tennis court in your backyard or at your recreational center that you wish to have an easier to maintain surface on, stabilized roadbased and synthetic grass is the perfect alternative. This court is softer for tennis play but offers the stability that tennis games need in order to have a fun and successful game. The roadbased system is one of the most affordable ways to surface your tennis court and to reduce the need for heavy maintenance in your tennis court. Instead of spending your time maintaining your tennis court, you could spend your time playing when you choose synthetic turf installation.

If you have an existing court that needs to be resurfaced, it is a great time to resurface it with clay and then cover it with synthetic turf installation. You will love the difference synthetic turf offers your playing surface, whether you are playing tennis, soccer, volleyball or any other sport that is played on a turf. The lack of maintenance and affordability of this turf surface allows for plenty of playing time without the frustration of an imperfect court that interferes with your play.

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