Should My Dishwasher and Refrigerator Be Repaired or Buy New?

Dishwasher Repair Richmond, VA strongly advises repair. We have all been there. Just moved into a new place and the dishwasher and/or refrigerator do not work, or, just worked properly for a week. Economically speaking, dishwasher repair and Fridge Repair, can save you thousands of dollars opposed to investing in new. Major appliances are a major investment so, unless you just won the lotto and have money to waste, dishwasher repair and Fridge Repair are the smart things you need to do.

Dishwasher Repair Richmond, VA offers free quotes on repair so you can see the savings of repair opposed to buying new in black and white. You can receive a basic quote over the telephone if you have the necessary information on your appliance (make, model, year, etc.) and know a specific problem, usually a more precise quote can be given on a house call.

You can count on Dishwasher Repair Richmond VA to give you honest, reliable service whether it is for repair or on your dishwasher, for Fridge Repair, or other large appliance repair.

They are:

State Registered

E.P.A. Certified

Fully insured

and offer:

Timely appointments, emergency if needed

Parts on truck


Customer references

Rebates on future service/repairs

Senior discounts

Emergency Services

Routine maintenance can save you on dishwasher and Fridge Repair. Dishwasher Repair Richmond VA advises a few things you can do as preventative maintenance on your refrigerator and dishwasher, respectively:

Routinely clean refrigerator coils and air vents(it is best to utilize a vacuum hose with attachment)

Weekly cleaning of in-side door seals

Daily cleaning of large food stuff in tub of dishwasher

Routinely cleaning dishwasher screen

Monthly run a cycle with a commercial dishwasher cleaner/deodorizer

For both your refrigerator and dishwasher DO NOT SLAM THE DOORS!

Keep in mind if you ever notice a pool of water near your refrigerator or dishwasher, you should phone Dishwasher Repair Richmond VA immediately to discuss what you can do immediately to fix/solve the problem or if you need emergency service.

In this day and age it is understandable that you might be leery to let strangers into your home. Dishwasher Repair Richmond VA employees will gladly show you their pictured I.D./badge/credentials along with their office phone number you can always call for verification. Click here for more information.

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