Services at a Dentist in Topeka

Most people visit the Dentist Topeka for general dentistry services. That includes what is often called preventive dentistry, going in for checkups, x-rays, teeth cleaning, and a fluoride application by the dental hygienist. The hygienist can show you or your children the proper way to brush and floss and give you flossing tips. The hygienist will also check your teeth for signs of tooth decay, gingivitis, or periodontal disease. Flossing the right way and brushing can help prevent periodontal disease, which can lead to causing your teeth to loosen where they are anchored within the jaw bone.

If the Dentist Topeka does notice any tooth decay, you’ll be scheduled to come back in soon to have the cavity extracted or in some cases, having an entire tooth extracted. There is no need to be worried about pain. The dentist may supply you with a pill to take before your appointment that will make you relaxed and drowsy while you’re having the procedure done. Your procedure should be free of pain and anxiety.

Your Dentist Topeka can also perform cosmetic dentistry procedures that correct anything from discoloring of the teeth to broken teeth to missing teeth. Teeth whitening is painless and can be done in a fairly quick office visit in which you can go right back to work afterward. The dentist can do porcelain veneers that correct chips and gaps in the teeth. These are permanent and last for years. You may need to get the veneers re-done at some point in ten or fifteen years, but no one will ever be able to tell that they aren’t your real teeth.

The Dentist Topeka also wants to establish a good relationship with patients from childhood, since your teeth are supposed to last you a lifetime. Children as young as three years old should come in for their first dental visit and get to know the dentist office. The dentist will work with parents, allowing the child to remain on the parent’s lap for that first exam so as to eliminate fear and anxiety. It’s a good chance to learn how to brush your child’s teeth and start good habits early.

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