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Septic Tank Maintenance Tips For Tampa Fl Residents

Just about everything around your home needs regular maintenance and your septic tank is no exception. When you properly maintain your tank by limiting water use and practicing smart waste habits, your tank will run trouble free for years. Below are some helpful septic tank maintenance Tampa fl area tips for a trouble free septic system.

Limit the amount of water that your family uses daily in the household. Unnecessary water use can flood the drain field and it makes your septic tank work harder. This includes fixing faucets and toilets that leak, running full instead of partial loads in the dishwasher and limiting the amount of water used when washing clothes by choosing the small load option when feasible.

Redirect rainwater that runs through your roof gutters away from the drain field. If the drain field is too wet, the liquid waste will not be absorbed or neutralize properly.

Know where your drain field is located in the yard and do not drive vehicles or equipment over the area. Place a concrete slab over the tank so you’ll know exactly where it’s located.

Have your tank pumped out by a septic tank maintenance company in Tampa fl area at least every three years. As time goes by, sludge builds up in the tank and when the tank is full, the solids aren’t properly separated and can cause an overflow of sewage.

Do not pour cooking grease or oil down your kitchen sink drain. This can build up and clog the drain field.

Limit your garbage disposal use or buy a model that grinds food into very small fragments. This helps to limit the amount of solids that goes into your septic tank.

Do not flush anything except toilet tissue down the stool. This includes napkins, paper towels, cigarette butts, food, cat litter and feminine products.

Do not plant trees close to your septic tank because the roots will grow and can cause damage to the system.

Minimize pouring harsh cleaners down your toilet as these chemicals can kill the bacteria that is needed to break down the solids in the septic tank.

Inspect your septic tank and system once a year and look for leaks or sludge buildup. If you suspect that your septic system isn’t working properly, call a professional septic tank maintenance Tampa fl area professional immediately.

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