Selecting the Right PR Agency for Your Company

It may seem a bit overwhelming to pick a PR agency from the variety of firms competing for your business. However, if you invest the time and effort into searching for the right one, you will not be disappointed with the results and will see a boost to your sales and positive public opinion of your company.

A good PR agency will have a functional website that is straightforward and easy to navigate. The website should answer most of your questions about the firm, such as how they do business, who they currently represent—which can lead to references—and reasons why you should pick that particular PR firm to work for you. After all, a website is one aspect of a good public relations campaign. If a public relations agency cannot even put together a proper website, you can be sure they will fall short in other key categories.

While not all good PR agencies will have been in business for many years, they will still have a way to prove they have the contacts necessary to move your business forward. One key aspect of public relations is having a “Rolodex” of contacts. While not all firms may have been in business long enough to have their own “Rolodex,” the people working for the firm should still have their own personal contacts to make their work easier and get the best exposure for your company.

When interviewing a potential PR agency, present them with “what if” scenarios and see how they respond. For example, ask them what they would do if they were representing a group promoting abstinence and the media had found out that the leader’s daughter became pregnant while in high school. Investigate how they would take this negative situation and spin it so the media fallout does not harm the group’s standing—as a good public relations firm should be prepared for every contingency. Only qualified PR agencies will be able to respond on the fly.

By properly researching the firm and interviewing potential candidates thoroughly, you will be sure to find a quality PR agency that will help your company grow. Do not wait until a media fiasco occurs prior to hiring a public relations agency—be prepared with a quality agency on your side.

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