Selecting The Ideal Professional Cake Decorating Turntable

Every cake designer is often faced with the challenge of choosing a suitable cake decorating turntable. There are several varieties of professional turntables available on the market ranging from flat, raised, to locking turntables. The different price tags make it hard to decide as low prices do not always guarantee quality or durability. Some people are able to use different turntables in different situations. In order to select the best turntable, there are features to consider as explained below.


Raised decorating professional turntables are the most preferable as they make decorating easier and more comfortable while standing. Decorating the bottom and sides of the cake becomes easy since the turntable is elevated from the surface of the counter.

Turntables with ball bearings

Choose professional turntables with ball bearings since they turn easily with reduced noise. Ball bearings do not require regular oiling.

Locking turntables

Raised turntables that lock help you to keep the cake stable without shifting especially when adding another layer. You do not have to move the cake to the counter to work on it.

Tilting turntables

If you bake many cakes with complex designs, a tilting cake decorating turntable would be perfect since it can be tilted at different angles. It offers both elevated and flat positions allowing you to work efficiently.

Dual side turntables

These professional turntables are rectangular shaped on one side and round on the other. To suit the shape of your cake, you just flip the turntable to the desired position. Square cakes work best on the rectangular side.

Commercial turntables

The stand and decorating surface of these turntables are made of strong metal making them durable. However, they are usually more expensive than other options.


When purchasing a cake decorating turntable, it is important to understand your specific needs, the available space and amount of money you are willing to spend. It is advisable to select the best turntable that suits your needs and lasts longer to save on costs.

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