Selecting a new tire in York, PA

Whether you need a whole set of tires or a single tire York PA offers many purchasing options. The first step in making a tire purchase in understanding the type of tire required. Tires are categorized by season and performance level. A summer tire is also called a performance tire. Summer tires are made from softer rubber and are very effective in gripping the road and breaking efficiently. While it is better on paved roads and warmer weather the summer tire tends to wear more quickly. For most shoppers looking for a Tire York PA is a mixed climate region and an all-season tire is a better choice.

All season tires are made from more rigid rubber, are adapted for different road surfaces, including snow and mud, and can last for up to 50,000 miles. In some climates a winter or snow tire is the best choice. Winter tires have extended treads, well suited for crunching through snow or ice. However, breaking efficiency can be compromised. Winter tires generally grip the road less effectively in warmer, dryer conditions, and can reduce gas mileage as they create drag. Once a decision is made regarding the type of tire, it is important to note the size. In most newer cars, the tire size and required pressure are printed on a label on inside of the driver’s door. Tire size numbers are preceded or followed by letters which provide more information about the type of tire required.

P at the beginning of a size number, for example, refers to passenger cars, while T is the letter used before the model number of a temporary spare tire, the small spares often called donuts, and intended for driving no more than 50 miles. If a size number begins with LT, that indicates it is a tire sized for light trucks, or pickup trucks. If a tire size ends with LT, that indicates a light truck with a wide base, which impacts tire size. A C at the end of a tire size indicates it is sized for commercial trucks. Despite the range of necessary information required to choose an appropriate tire, when shopping for a Tire York PA is home to reputable dealers who can manage sizing, assist with selection, and install tires on any vehicle.

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