Restore the Performance That Your Vehicle Once Had With Expert Engine Rebuilding in Carmel IN

Buying a car in this day and age can be a major investment. To ensure that you get the most for your hard-earned money, it is crucial to keep the vehicle serviced regularly. One of the most important aspects of this maintenance is replacing the engine oil and filter. The Fresh oil helps to remove carbon deposits that can accumulate in the engine while it is lubricating its various internal parts. Without the benefits of motor oil, the engine will wear out quicker. Even worse, using old oil that is thick with sludge can reduce engine life even further. The end result is an unexpected need for Engine Rebuilding in Carmel IN when internal components like piston rings or valves wear out.

The more miles you put on your vehicle, the more wear you place on the engine. However, the way that you drive and the places that you go will affect engine wear as well. Stop and go driving in heavy traffic is tougher on an engine than the more consistent speeds of highway miles. Likewise, a heavy foot on the throttle will add extra wear on engine parts and could result in the motor failing prematurely. Unfortunately, a lot of this stress isn’t noticeable immediately so many people don’t realize there is a problem until the vehicle breaks down.

Some signs that your vehicle may be due for Engine Rebuilding in Carmel IN include oil buildup on or around the engine, leaking engine oil or smoke coming from the exhaust. Oil in the engine compartment can come from weak valve covers, worn gaskets, leaking front or rear seals and numerous other areas. The average engine only holds four to five quarts of oil so excessive leaking can leave the motor without the lubrication it requires.

An engine that burns oil usually has a thick bluish exhaust. The more oil that seeps past the rings or valves, the stronger this exhausted smoke will be. Unfortunately, an internal combustion engine isn’t designed to burn motor oil and doing so will rob the vehicle of performance. Plus, worn rings and carbon buildup around the valves can reduce cylinder compression which quickly kills engine performance. Click here to learn more about engine rebuilding or one of the other excellent repair services provided by Pete’s Service Center.

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