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Restoration Companies in Long Island, NY Cover Fire, Water, Storm, and Mold Damage

Any damage that results from a fire, flooding, a storm, or mold should be immediately addressed. You should never try to handle the damage restoration yourself. Instead, you should contact an expert in the field that has experience in remediation and restoration.

Do You Have Fire Damage?

Restoration companies in Long Island, NY cover a wide range of service offerings and therefore are equipped to handle various emergencies. For example, technicians who handle fire damage restoration are equipped and trained to restore a property to pre-fire conditions. Professionals in the field respond to emergencies 24/7.

Water Damage Problems

Water damage can also lead to structural degradation. As a result, restoration companies are equipped to handle moisture buildup that leads to the following types of damage:

  • Disintegration of wallboards or drywall
  • Swelling, rotting, or warping of wood
  • Growth of fungus or mildew
  • Standing water that contains contaminants

The industry’s best equipment is used to take care of any water damage problems immediately. You do not want to hold off on these repairs, as the damage can only get worse over time.

Addressing Storm Damage

Any storm damage can also be expertly handled by restoration companies. These companies know what equipment to use for emergency cleanup and restoration. State-of-the art methods and the latest in equipment are used. Professionals first assess the damage before they facilitate restoration.

Do You Have a Problem with Mold?

Mold damage restoration is another area that is handled by restoration companies. Mold itself is a type of fungus that emerges when a home has excess moisture. Mold spores are hazardous to health and can grow and spread quickly. All they need to thrive is moisture from a flood, leaky pipe, or humidity. Mold can grow in insulation or drywall without a homeowner’s knowledge. Any suspicion of mold should be investigated and handled immediately.

Who to Contact

You can find out more about restoration services by contacting a company such as ServiceMaster by Empire. Choose a full-service company to obtain the best results.

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