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Replacing the Windows in Your San Diego Home

Replacing your Home Windows is a win-win situation. You enhance the beauty and value of your property while increasing the value of your investment and all of this for a reasonable amount of money. Knowing when it is time to make that replacement may be a bit confusing. Home Windows San Diego offers these suggestions. Have your windows become difficult to open or close? Can you feel warm or cold drafts of air in your home? Are you disturbed by outside noises? Would you like to lower the cost of your heating and air conditioning?


Once you have made the decision to purchase new Home Windows San Diego your next decision should be which are the best windows for your needs. Most windows are framed in wood or aluminum. These are often great choices for classic homes which require original refits but many homeowners are looking for newer and better materials. This is where vinyl windows shine. Some advantages of vinyl include better efficiency, it maintains it’s look over time without fading and reduces air and noise from entering the home. It should also be noted that most vinyl windows offer improved burglar resistant features such as solid locking mechanisms.

When replacing your old windows you only have two choices. The first is ‘new construction’ in which the frame is completely removed and the other is ‘retrofit’ where the replacement window fits inside the existing frame. Each of these methods have pros and cons. For example, new construction may damage existing trim and siding but they will provide a more custom look. Retrofit windows install quickly and are usually less expensive but you may lose some of the glass area making the window seem smaller. New construction windows are less prone to leaking whereas installation of retrofit windows rarely damage the home’s siding or trim.

Whether you are in the market to sell your home or simply looking to make improvements, replacing your Home Windows San Diego is one of the best choices you can make. Curb appeal makes a huge impact on how people view your property and by association how they view you.


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