Reasons Why A Collaborative Law Attorney In River Forest Can Help In Your Divorce

The typical opinion of divorces is that they are a long and drawn out process with dramatic interactions in and out of the courtroom. This is a major misconception, as many divorces are usually settled outside of court so that both parties separate on mutual terms without confrontation. This is called Collaborative Divorce, which is a great way for anyone who agrees their marriage should be dissolved, but can still work together when making decisions. There are many Collaborative Law Attorney River Forest offices that help couples who are looking for a peaceful separation in their marriage.

If you and your spouse have a high risk of personality clashing, then you are most likely going to have a divorce that results in both of you requiring a lawyer to represent each side of the divorce. This is sadly the usual outcome in most marriages that involve spouses who have cheated on one or the other (or both have cheated), or abusive situations where a spouse has hurt the other either physically or mentally. For the rest of the marriages out there, it’s quite possible for them to sit down and have a civil conversation about what should be done to dissolve their marriage. This is where a Collaborative Law Attorney River Forest comes in to play. Making the important decisions like division of property, custody arrangements, and other legal paperwork to finalize their divorce can be easier to deal with when having a collaborative law attorney involved in your divorce. While there may be no risk of conflict during the proceedings of divorce, couples can also benefit from mediation from a Collaborative Law Attorney, helping them come to a settlement agreement without having to step foot into an actual divorce court.

A Collaborative Law Attorney River Forest can help any couple save money with legal fees, as well as any emotional trauma which could result from a long and drawn out court fight. If you hold different points of view than your spouse on child custody, a collaborative law attorney can act as a mediator to help you come to an original agreement, especially when involving arrangement of spousal support. You have a choice in how your divorce will proceed, and its eventual impact on you and your family.

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