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Protect yourself with an Awning

Awnings are a particularly useful addition to a garden, especially those that catch a great deal of sun. An awning is a retractable piece of equipment, much like a soft roof, that comes out from the fixtures to cover a small area of a patio. The awning is securely affixed to an exterior wall and can then be propelled either manually or by automation. Many awnings are manually operated by way of a crank handle that winds up and down to retract and open the awning cover. Conversely, to close the awning cover and retract it back into its housing, the handle must be turned in the opposite direction. Many people own such an accessory in their garden and they benefit greatly from its presence.

The long history of the awning began during the civilizations of the ancient Egyptians and the Syrians. Market stands were built from wood and stall owners used to use sheets of canvas or linen to cover the stand and protect the fruits from the sun. it helped to shade the stall holder as well, and keep him cool under the raw heat of summer. In later years, a crude version of awning was also used in the western world as people began to erect marquees and outdoor gazebo style coverings. They would use nails, hooks and grommets to attach the canvas cover to a sturdy façade. The projecting end of the cover was then tied to a bar so that the edge hung down in a similar way to a valance or fringe.

Temporary and Permanent

During the American Civil war, temporary tents and awnings were erected at campsites and strategic overnight stay spots. They used iron plumbing pipes, hammered into the ground and turning them into awning frames to use to keep them out of the rain. After the Civil War, the industrial revolution made these items far more easy to make, as well as far cheaper to purchase. Store fronts soon adopted them as an accessory addition to their exterior and soon, many stores around the world, used them too. Those of you familiar with the work of Renoir will note this common use of the red and white striped awnings of the Parisian cafes and walkways. For those looking for awnings Nassau.

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