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Process of Getting Eye Glasses From Dr. Lewis & Associates

Every day, someone new goes in to get their eyes checked out, and leaves with a pair of eye glasses. Many people need glasses to see, whether for seeing farther away, or simply for reading something up close. Eye Glasses Dr. Lewis & Associates offers come in a wide variety. Outlined below is the process for getting eye glasses.

Make an Appointment – The very first step to getting a pair of glasses is simply to call and make an appointment. The Dr. Lewis & Associates website also allows patients to make their appointment online. No matter how one does it, an appointment will ensure that they can get in to see someone to have their eyes checked.

Eye Exam – A thorough eye exam will expose just what the problem areas are for the individual. Not only will it determine if they need glasses, but it will also demonstrate just how strong of a prescription is needed. Not everyone sees the same way, and therefore, not all eye glasses are made the same way. Having an eye exam yearly is an important for ensuring that eyes are fully healthy and working as they should.

Choose the Pair – Once the eye exam is complete, the patient will then be shown a selection of glasses to choose from. There will be all kinds of choices. The shape of the frames may be different. There will be different colors and styles. The pair that is chosen will depend on the person. Perhaps they want something simple and classic. They may also want a pair that is fun and colorful. Either way, they will be choosing a pair themselves that they know they will like.

Pay for the Visit – The eye exam and the pair of glasses will all cost money. Most people will have these fees, or at least a portion of them, covered by insurance. They simply need to provide their insurance company’s information. Those without insurance need to pay the full price. Some can simply pay the entire thing up front, and others will pay a portion then and more later when it is billed.

The process of getting Eye Glassesat Dr. Lewis & Associates has to offer is quite easy. Simply make the appointment, get the exam, choose the perfect pair, and pay. Once someone has their new glasses, they will immediately see the world in a whole new way.


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